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Accelerating Improvement Worldwide
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IHI Joining Efforts to Improve Outcomes, Reduce Disparities in Maternal Care

2018, August 14 - 16:36
Supported by a grant from Merck for Mothers, IHI seeks to spread evidence-based practices and address birth equity.

HGV Reduces Urinary Tract Infections by More Than 50 Percent

2018, August 13 - 18:30
The Hospital Getúlio Vargas (HGV) was able to reduce the density of incidence of urinary tract infection in patients hospitalized in its Intensive Care Unit (ICU) by more than 50 percent.

6 Top Doctors Reveal What You Need to Know During Your Residency

2018, August 13 - 18:22
To offer new medical residents insight on the intangible aspects of practice, AMA Wire spoke with some of the nation’s top physicians about the lessons they wish they had known as new residents. This article summarizes their top medical residency advice.

WIHI: Connecting Patient Experience to Culture and Strategic Aims

2018, August 10 - 18:43
August 9, 2018 | Most hospitals are understandably preoccupied with patient experience scores. But can those same scores help guide an organization to the aims and values it hopes to achieve?

The Latest Trends and Tips in Patient Safety

2018, August 4 - 00:02
OR Today article, August 1, 2018, summarizes trends in patient safety in perioperative areas and offers tips and advice from safety and clinical experts.

Transforming Concepts in Patient Safety: A Progress Report

2018, August 3 - 18:56
This article reviews progress to date to advance patient safety in the US in five essential areas of health care, as first identified in 2009 by the IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute.

New Report Targets Homecare Patient Safety

2018, July 31 - 00:16
This article summarizes the findings and recommendations from IHI’s report, No Place Like Home: Advancing the Safety of Care in the Home.

5 Guiding Principles to Improve Home Health Safety

2018, July 30 - 23:56
This article summarizes five strategies to improve the safety of care in home health setting, as detailed in a new report from IHI.

IHI Innovation System

2018, July 30 - 20:38
Drawing on IHI's nearly 30 years of experience with innovation, this white paper provides a detailed description of IHI’s innovation system, including 90-Day Learning and Testing Cycles, and describes how a health care organization might create its own internal innovation system that focuses on improving health care delivery.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement: 5 Considerations for Making Home Healthcare Safer

2018, July 25 - 21:35
In this interview on IHI's No Place Like Home: Advancing the Safety of Care in the Home report, Tejal Gandhi discusses how health care poses its own patient safety challenges that need to be addressed.