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Accelerating Improvement Worldwide
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1 In 5 Americans Have Fallen Victim To Medical Errors, Survey Finds

2018, June 20 - 22:51
Tejal Gandhi comments on a recent study by IHI/NPSF on patient experiences with medical error in this article.

Anchoring Hospitals in the Community: Growing Network of Health Systems Takes on Social Determinants

2018, June 20 - 22:29
IHI's Pathways to Population Health was mentioned in this article on health systems taking on social determinants of health in their communities.

5 Steps to Ensure Your Patients—Like my Husband—Receive the End-of-Life Care They Want

2018, June 20 - 22:07
The Conversation Project's starter kit, that helps people talk about their end-of-life wishes, was highlighted in this article.

Demand Better Services From Doctors

2018, June 19 - 23:36
This article calls for patients in Ghana to demand better services from their health care practitioners in hospitals and clinics.

A Movement to Save Millions

2018, June 19 - 23:26
The 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative was featured in this US News & World Report Q&A with IHI's Soma Stout.

Infusing Technology Into Hospital Operational Decision Making

2018, June 19 - 23:10
Commentary from an IHI blog post on hospital-wide flow was quoted in this piece on technology-based decision-support tools for health care.

Applying Community Organizing Principles to Restore Joy in Work

2018, June 19 - 20:42
This NEJM Catalyst article by IHI’s Jessica Perlo and Derek Feeley describes four lessons from community organizing that can be applied to nurture joy in the health care workforce and deliver the quality care patients deserve.

'No Bed Syndrome' at Hospitals Inimical to Healthcare

2018, June 19 - 20:38
Several quotes from IHI's Sodzi-Sodzi Tettey on ambulatory safety are mentioned in this article on "no bed syndrome."

Trending Toward Home Care: Is Our Health System Ready?

2018, June 19 - 20:25
Health care — for procedural follow-up or treating chronic conditions — is increasingly being delivered in patients’ homes. IHI’s Tejal Gandhi summarizes recommendations for improving safety in the home in this HFM Magazine article.

IHI Forms Nationwide Patient Safety Committee

2018, June 19 - 18:49
The launch of IHI’s National Steering Committee for Patient Safety has been covered in this Modern Healthcare article.

50 Experts Leading the Field of Patient Safety

2018, June 19 - 18:43
This Becker's Hospital Review article contains their 2018 edition of the "50 experts leading the field of patient safety," which includes Derek Feeley and other members from the ASPPS and Stand Up for Patient Safety programs.

A Win, Win, Win

2018, June 19 - 18:35
The launch of IHI’s National Steering Committee for Patient Safety was included in this POLITICO article.

Creating a Monster in the Woman's Head: The Myths that can Bring Insecurity and Risks to Pregnancy

2018, June 19 - 18:23
Brazil has one of the highest cesarean rates in the world and this article discusses the myths surrounding child birth in this country. It also contains information on how c-sections can be avoided with the help of IHI.

Population Health: The 'North Star' of the Triple Aim

2018, June 19 - 18:13
This article contains a Q&A with Ninon Lewis on population health and the Triple Aim.

IHI Advances Patient Safety Practice and Professionalism

2018, June 19 - 16:34
The Certified Professional in Patient Safety program reaches a milestone.

WIHI: Strategic Pathways to Population Health

2018, June 12 - 20:15
June 7, 2018 | Health systems face numerous challenges in their efforts to improve population health. What makes a comprehensive strategy, and where do health care systems start?

Using Quality Improvement Methods to Combat Poverty: Northeast Wisconsin's POINT Initiative

2018, June 7 - 22:53
This case study provides an overview of the Poverty Outcomes and Improvement Network Team (POINT) initiative, a multiyear regional effort to reduce poverty in Northeast Wisconsin by teaching nonprofit organizations how to use quality improvement methods and tools to improve the services they provide to those in the community living in poverty.

The Scottish Improvement Journey: A Nationwide Approach to Improvement

2018, June 7 - 01:49
Learn about Scotland’s 10-year effort to apply quality improvement on a national scale to improve patient safety, including an in-depth review of the successful Scottish Patient Safety Programme, and further QI efforts that spread across Scotland into new social policy areas such as children’s services, education, and justice.

Women's Health: 5/28 is a Day of Awareness of Diseases That Affect Women

2018, June 6 - 18:17
This article contains information about the partership between Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar (ANS) and IHI in creating the Appropriate Childbirth Project, which aims to encourage normal childbirth and raise awareness among future mothers and the entire obstetric care network about cesareans without clinical indication.

WIHI: How to Make Change Happen: An Introduction to IHI's Psychology of Change Framework ​

2018, June 5 - 19:58
May 10, 2018 | The biggest challenge to quality improvement projects is often not measurement or process. It's people.