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Accelerating Improvement Worldwide
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WIHI: New Guidance for Governance of Health System Quality – What Trustees Should Know and Do

2019, January 18 - 22:17
January 17, 2019 | Is there a better way for boards to fulfill their mandate of ensuring health systems live up to theirs on quality?

Patient Harm Can Be Prevented. Here's How MedStar Health Is Doing It

2019, January 16 - 20:54
At MedStar Health, taking on patient safety has come to look a lot like treating disease.

Leveraging the Psychology of Change

2019, January 7 - 21:22
This article presents an overview of the IHI Psychology of Change Framework with key takeaways for leaders, to help them understand why people resist change and how to activate people to advance and sustain improved care.

Eight Takeaways and Observations from Last Week’s IHI Conference

2019, January 2 - 22:33
Jay Bhatt, DO, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, American Hospital Association, shares his reflections on the IHI National Forum.

For Healthcare Innovation We Need to Think Beyond “If We Just Try Harder We’ll Succeed”

2019, January 2 - 22:15
Healthcare services can be frustratingly resistant to innovation. At the recent World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) in Qatar, discussion was focused on how we can change practice within health services in order to improve healthcare.

Expanding the Serious Illness Care Team: The Conversation Nurse Model

2019, January 2 - 22:09
The aging of our population, coupled with advances in medical care, has led to people living longer with chronic conditions.