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'No Bed Syndrome' at Hospitals Inimical to Healthcare

IHI - 2018, June 19 - 20:38
Several quotes from IHI's Sodzi-Sodzi Tettey on ambulatory safety are mentioned in this article on "no bed syndrome."

Trending Toward Home Care: Is Our Health System Ready?

IHI - 2018, June 19 - 20:25
Health care — for procedural follow-up or treating chronic conditions — is increasingly being delivered in patients’ homes. IHI’s Tejal Gandhi summarizes recommendations for improving safety in the home in this HFM Magazine article.

IHI Forms Nationwide Patient Safety Committee

IHI - 2018, June 19 - 18:49
The launch of IHI’s National Steering Committee for Patient Safety has been covered in this Modern Healthcare article.

50 Experts Leading the Field of Patient Safety

IHI - 2018, June 19 - 18:43
This Becker's Hospital Review article contains their 2018 edition of the "50 experts leading the field of patient safety," which includes Derek Feeley and other members from the ASPPS and Stand Up for Patient Safety programs.

A Win, Win, Win

IHI - 2018, June 19 - 18:35
The launch of IHI’s National Steering Committee for Patient Safety was included in this POLITICO article.

Creating a Monster in the Woman's Head: The Myths that can Bring Insecurity and Risks to Pregnancy

IHI - 2018, June 19 - 18:23
Brazil has one of the highest cesarean rates in the world and this article discusses the myths surrounding child birth in this country. It also contains information on how c-sections can be avoided with the help of IHI.

Population Health: The 'North Star' of the Triple Aim

IHI - 2018, June 19 - 18:13
This article contains a Q&A with Ninon Lewis on population health and the Triple Aim.

IHI Advances Patient Safety Practice and Professionalism

IHI - 2018, June 19 - 16:34
The Certified Professional in Patient Safety program reaches a milestone.

A New Guide to Deprescribing Benzos and Z-Drugs

Medscape Today - 2018, June 19 - 02:39
Benzos and Z-drugs can be dangerous in the elderly but difficult to discontinue. A new deprescribing algorithm guides the way.
Medscape Internal Medicine

FluMist: Flu Vaccine Option or 'Last Resort'?

Medscape Today - 2018, June 16 - 20:18
Dr Paul Offit discusses the 'new, improved' FluMist and clarifies competing recommendations for its use.
Medscape Infectious Diseases

How Hubris Impairs the Care of the Elderly

Medscape Today - 2018, June 16 - 02:12
Some conditions in older adults warrant treatment; some do not. The wise physician knows the difference.

HPV Vaccine's 'Extraordinary Benefits' Seen in Cochrane Review

Medscape Today - 2018, June 14 - 20:04
All involved with the health of young women should read the 'extremely important' results of the latest Cochrane review on HPV vaccination, says Dr Maurie Markman.
Medscape Oncology

Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy: Can AI Provide a Better Way?

Medscape Today - 2018, June 14 - 20:04
The inevitable advance of artificial intelligence has begun with the first approved system that can detect diabetic retinopathy on its own. How might it affect clinicians who screen for eye disease?

Triptans and SSRIs: Is Serotonin Syndrome Really a Risk?

Medscape Today - 2018, June 14 - 20:04
While the FDA--and EHRs--warn against the combination of triptans and SSRIs, is serotonin syndrome really a risk with use of this combination?
Medscape Internal Medicine

Does High-Flow Cannula Oxygen Improve Bronchiolitis Outcomes?

Medscape Today - 2018, June 14 - 01:55
A study tested high-flow versus standard cannula in the delivery of oxygen to infants with bronchiolitis.
Medscape Pediatrics

WIHI: Strategic Pathways to Population Health

IHI - 2018, June 12 - 20:15
June 7, 2018 | Health systems face numerous challenges in their efforts to improve population health. What makes a comprehensive strategy, and where do health care systems start?

Top 5 GI Topics for the PCP

Medscape Today - 2018, June 12 - 01:39
What are the top five topics that gastroenterologists read about in the past 12 months that may change the primary care management of gastrointestinal diseases?
Medscape Family Medicine

The Time for Paid Family Medical Leave Is Now

Medscape Today - 2018, June 12 - 01:39
Despite its seeming prosperity, many quality measures find the United States lagging behind. It's time to fix family leave, says Dr Lundberg.
Medscape Internal Medicine

Pediatrics by the Numbers: Putting Our Time Where It Works Best

Medscape Today - 2018, June 12 - 01:39
Are you asking the right questions? Providing the right advice? Greg Lawton, MD, discusses the issues and hazards that provide the biggest risk to kids and how to use our time wisely to mitigate them.
Medscape Pediatrics

The Chinese Cough Syrup That's All the Rage

Medscape Today - 2018, June 9 - 01:12
An increasingly popular traditional medicine remedy, Nin Jiom pei pa koa seems to have all the right ingredients to help relieve cough--but does scientific support exist for using this product?
Medscape Pharmacists
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