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The Time for Paid Family Medical Leave Is Now

Medscape Today - 2018, June 12 - 01:39
Despite its seeming prosperity, many quality measures find the United States lagging behind. It's time to fix family leave, says Dr Lundberg.
Medscape Internal Medicine

Pediatrics by the Numbers: Putting Our Time Where It Works Best

Medscape Today - 2018, June 12 - 01:39
Are you asking the right questions? Providing the right advice? Greg Lawton, MD, discusses the issues and hazards that provide the biggest risk to kids and how to use our time wisely to mitigate them.
Medscape Pediatrics

The Chinese Cough Syrup That's All the Rage

Medscape Today - 2018, June 9 - 01:12
An increasingly popular traditional medicine remedy, Nin Jiom pei pa koa seems to have all the right ingredients to help relieve cough--but does scientific support exist for using this product?
Medscape Pharmacists

Does Screening Newborns for Congenital Heart Disease Save Lives?

Medscape Today - 2018, June 8 - 07:04
These data might help states get on board with universal pulse oximetry screening for congenital heart disease.
Medscape Pediatrics

Using Quality Improvement Methods to Combat Poverty: Northeast Wisconsin's POINT Initiative

IHI - 2018, June 7 - 22:53
This case study provides an overview of the Poverty Outcomes and Improvement Network Team (POINT) initiative, a multiyear regional effort to reduce poverty in Northeast Wisconsin by teaching nonprofit organizations how to use quality improvement methods and tools to improve the services they provide to those in the community living in poverty.

The Scottish Improvement Journey: A Nationwide Approach to Improvement

IHI - 2018, June 7 - 01:49
Learn about Scotland’s 10-year effort to apply quality improvement on a national scale to improve patient safety, including an in-depth review of the successful Scottish Patient Safety Programme, and further QI efforts that spread across Scotland into new social policy areas such as children’s services, education, and justice.

Formulas to Display in PubMed Titles and Abstracts

PubMedNews - 2018, June 7 - 01:00

​On June 6, 2018, the National Library of Medicine began displaying formulas in citation titles, abstracts, and keywords in PubMed. Previously, formulas were replaced with [Formula:see text].

Women's Health: 5/28 is a Day of Awareness of Diseases That Affect Women

IHI - 2018, June 6 - 18:17
This article contains information about the partership between Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar (ANS) and IHI in creating the Appropriate Childbirth Project, which aims to encourage normal childbirth and raise awareness among future mothers and the entire obstetric care network about cesareans without clinical indication.

Rising Kidney Stone Incidence: Is This Novel Risk Factor the Reason?

Medscape Today - 2018, June 6 - 12:41
Dr Arefa Cassoobhoy highlights a study showing that oral antibiotic use is linked with risk for nephrolithiasis.
Medscape Internal Medicine

How Many Kids Really Have High Blood Pressure?

Medscape Today - 2018, June 6 - 12:41
The normative values for BP have been updated. A new analysis shows that, as a result, more children are classified as having elevated readings.
Medscape Pediatrics

Anticholinergics and Dementia: It's the Drugs

Medscape Today - 2018, June 6 - 06:39
Are anticholinergics linked to dementia? Or is the problem the underlying condition for which they are prescribed? A new study concludes that it's the drugs.
Medscape Internal Medicine

Changing the World, One Female Physician at a Time

Medscape Today - 2018, June 6 - 06:39
Do you recognize these women physician pioneers?
Medscape Family Medicine

WIHI: How to Make Change Happen: An Introduction to IHI's Psychology of Change Framework ​

IHI - 2018, June 5 - 19:58
May 10, 2018 | The biggest challenge to quality improvement projects is often not measurement or process. It's people.

Warn Patients About Unlisted Hormones in Supplements

Medscape Today - 2018, June 2 - 05:57
Dr Arefa Cassoobhoy reminds clinicians to ask patients about supplements, which might contain hormones not listed on the label.
Medscape Internal Medicine

Applying Community Organizing Principles to Restore Joy in Work

IHI - 2018, June 1 - 18:40
Through the process of delving more deeply into the topic of fostering joy in work and reducing burnout, IHI has discovered four lessons from the field of community organizing that are readily applicable to nurture joy in the health care workforce.

Providers Work to Create a Culture of Team-Based Care

IHI - 2018, May 31 - 23:50
Commentary from IHI faculty member Kirsten Meisinger is included in this Modern Healthcare article on team-based care.

Barbara Balik on Addressing Burnout and Finding Joy in Work

IHI - 2018, May 31 - 23:45
This article includes a video interview with Barbara Balik on addressing burnout and finding joy in work.

From Conversations to Care

IHI - 2018, May 31 - 23:40
This article includes new research on end-of-life care from the Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care and includes commentary from Maureen Bisognano, co-chair of the Coalition .

Calling Out the FDA's 'We Don't Regulate Medicine' Mantra

Medscape Today - 2018, May 31 - 23:34
Dr Vinay Prasad calls the FDA to task over the differing standards the agency uses to grant drug approvals and expanded indications.
Medscape Oncology

We Can't Just Give Up on Obesity

Medscape Today - 2018, May 31 - 23:34
A pediatric endocrinologist describes the harsh realities of practicing in the South today and calls on the medical profession to redress 'sins of the past.'
Medscape Diabetes & Endocrinology
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