Issue of Quality in Health Care

“The reality is straightforward.  The power of existing interventions is not matched by the power of health systems to deliver them to those in greatest need, in a comprehensive way, and at an adequate scale.”

Margaret Chan
Director General
World Health Organization



“… Between the health care we have and the care we can have lies not only a gap, but a chasm…”

“… The problems come from poor systems – not bad people…”

IOM  "Crossing the Quality Chasm" report in 2001



The phenomenon of best available knowledge not being implemented in everyday work to benefit patients is a predominant theme in health care… The problem is global and universal, but we learnt from science the right attitude to the issue. Better quality should be the goal, every day task for every worker. The facilitiy should have effective system of quality assessment and management. It does not matter which level of health care system we represent each of us can coontribute to the improvement of its quality.

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