Translating Research into Practice


New York University and USAID HCI Project organized 5-day workshop  for healthcare professionals focused on Evidence-Based Practice in Kutaisi.

The workshop was led by NYU faculty members Allison Squires, PhD, RN, Adam Sirois, MPH. Course topics included principles of research & evidence-based practice, health research designs, review of clinical practice guidelines, literature review, and critical thinking & research critique.  In total 48 participants from varous facilities from Western Georgia as well as top and mid-level managers from central office of “Geo-Hospitals” and “My Family Clinic”, (Health Corporations owning network of hospitals and ambulatory centers in different regions of Georgia), representatives of Universities attended the training.

During the course groups of participants working as teams on clinical topics of interest had opportunity to develop evidence-based practice projects that can facilitate organizational change aimed at improving patient care outcomes and efficiency. The course ended with the presentations of team projects developed with a structured template provided by Dr. Sirois. The project team throughout the week helped organization as well as provided translation of most difficult and important parts, also stressed practical implication of topics covered and relevance to their routine clinical practice. The sessions, especially final presentations caused heated discussions among participants of training. To assure having adequate space for continuing discussion before relevant changes are made in local protocols the forum discussion is open, were health care professionals can share their conclusions as well as evaluate strength of evidence collected by participants.